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Monday, August 10, 2015

5 cups and some sugar

Hello hello my internet-friends. I survived my last exam season. A lot of things happened last month. I learned a lot for my tests, had several model-jobs and my bag got stolen.... If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you know what the deal is.
Something that helped me through the tough time were sweet drinks. My absolute favorite is sweetened green tea. Since it was like 39485734 degrees outside, why not make a cold version of it.
5 cups and some sugar provided me this set for making probably the best ice tea ever. The best part of it is (besides the tea of course) is the tool called "ingenuiTEA". So you don't have to wait for hours until your tea is cooled down.
If you are a tea-lover like me feel free to visit their site and try to mix your own tea. It's pretty fun to try even when you don't order it later.
I tried the tea with all kind of different juices and this was my personal favorite:

Enjoy your fancy looking tea! The next time I will try to add vodka in this for a garden party haha.


  1. Das klingt so gut! Probier ich safe auch aus und Vodka passt da bestimmt auch dazu :D
    xx, Marlen

  2. a great refreshing cocktail! I love this recipe! You will need to cook in the summer