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Sunday, January 25, 2015

REVIEW: #locahair clip-in extensions

DE: Ich muss zugeben dass ich nie überlegt hatte mir fest Extensions reinmachen zu lassen. Möglichkeiten gibt es viele, von Schweißen über Einnähen bis Kleben, und zu 90% habe ich gehört dass die Mädels sich damit ihre eigenen Haare komplett kaputt gemacht haben, und es außerdem extrem teuer war. Ein guter Kompromiss sind da Clip-In-Extensions, die man jederzeit rausnehmen bzw. anbringen kann. Da meine Haare von sich aus schon ziemlich lang sind benutze ich diese vor allem um das Volumen aufzubessern. Denn je länger Haare werden desto mehr neigen sie auch dazu dünner zu werden.
Da ich gar keine Ahnung von Extensions hatte und nicht wusste welche länge für mich am besten ist, beriet mich Karina von LOCAHAIR, und ließ mir ein Set mit 55cm und 220g in meiner derzeitigen Haarfarbe platinblond zukommen. Das Set besteht aus 5 Teilen die man in verschiedene Schichten der eigenen Haare einarbeitet. Auf deren Seite findet ihr auch detailliertere Video-Tutorials zur Benutzung und Pflege.

EN: I have to admit that I never thought about getting extensions. There are many possibilities to attach them, like welding, braiding and waxing, and 90% of the girls I know who does that told me afterwards that this ruined their natural hair, and it was extremely expensive. A good compromise are clip-in-extensions, which can be attached and taken out very easily. Since my own hair is pretty long, I use them to increase my volume.
I had zero experience with extensions, so Karina from LOCAHAIR helped me out and send me a set with the length of 55cm and 220g in my current hair color platinum blonde. The set consists of 5 pieces, which can be applied in different layers of your hair. You can find more video-tutorials about how to treat your extensions right on their website

So bringt man die verschiedenen Teile an: /How to apply the different pieces: Hier habe ich 4 Teile reingemacht, ein Seitenteil habe ich ausgelassen da ich einen Seitenscheitel habe.
I only used 4 pieces and left one side part out, because my hair is side parted.
Die Extensions sind aus indischem Echthaar, das heißt man kann sie ganz normal stylen wie die eigenen Haare. Ich werde demnächst mal Locken und Flechtfrisuren damit testen und euch davon berichten bzw. auf Instagram (@kickiyangz) posten.
The extensions are made of real indian hair, so you can style them like your own. I'm going to try to curl them and make different braids. Stay tuned! I'm going to post the results on Instagram (@kickiyangz) . 

What do you guys think? Leave a comment. xx

Thursday, January 22, 2015

kicki in tour - paris #2

My new year started with a flu, so this post took longer than expected. *sorry for thaaat*
So when you're in Paris for the first time, la Musée du Louvre should definitely be on your to-visit-list. The went there the 26th Dec. What we didn't know at that time: On this day entering the Louvre is free for everyone! So it was extremely full. My cousin, who was here already a couple of times said he has never seen so many people in there.
If you're an under-18-year-old european citizen, OR someone with an european student-ID like me, entering the Louvre is free all the time. Just show your ID in the entrance.

This is the well-known glass pyramid from the outside....
...and from the inside.
Since you guys asked which are "the most important" pieces of the Louvre (because it's impossible to see everything in one day):

..and of course MONA LISA. My art teacher told me once that it doesn't matter from which angle you look at her, da Vinci painted her in a technique that makes her always staring at you. Aaand it's true and gave me nightmares. 
Exists since 1503 and still have that amount of paparazzi. Take that *insert random celebrity in here*.
This boy was sitting on the floor and drawing something. Keep going little bro :)

After that we still had some time, so we went on the parisian christmas market, which ends at the Place de la Concorde, where the Avenue des Champs-Élysées begins. The christmas market was pretty similar those we have in Germany, so I didn't bought anything except a glass of "vine chaud" which is "Glühwein" in Germany and some french fries.
Some seasons like the christmas season, one has the chance to go on the Grande Roue on the Place de la Concorde, which I highly recommend to everyone! But we didn't went on it that day.

They sold crepes like everywhere. I always though this is a french clichée haha.
The standard food on the christmas market were "gaufres", which is french for "waffle" I guess (?),  "croustillons", which reminds me of "Quarkbällchen" or "Berliner" we have here in Germany and "chichis", which I know as "churros". But I think chichi sounds more kawaii. I'm going to call them chichis from now on.
I think those candies always look sooo delicious but taste like pastic with sugar :(

My cousin's waffle with chocolate, banana and whipped cream.
Christmas time is so beautiful with all the lights on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
We didn't went ON the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, but it looks pretty impressive from down here, too.

Friday, January 2, 2015

kicki on tour - paris #1

DE: Die Weihnachtszeit ist schön aber zu einem Teil auch purer Stress, besonders wenn man mit kochen dran ist...
Da tut es gut einfach mal die Koffer zu packen und ein paar Erlebnisse in einer anderen Stadt zu sammeln. Warum nicht direkt ein anderes Land? Da mein Cousin in Paris design visuelle studiert, und wir somit in seiner Studentenbude nächtigen konnten, stiegen meine Schwester und ich am ersten Weihnachtstag um 11:24 in den Thalys Express in Essen ein. Mit dem Zug fährt man mittlerweile "nur" noch 4:30 Stunden nach Paris. Da ich kein Hotel bezahlen musste und die Zugtickets das Weihnachtsgeschenk von Papa waren, blieb eben mehr übrig zum shoppen. *muhahaha*

EN: The christmastime is wonderful but sometimes pure stress, especially when it's your turn to cook the dinner...
Then it feels great to smash your stuff in a bag and catch up some impressions from a different city. Why not a different country? My cousin studies design visuelle in Paris, so we had the opportunity to sleep in his student digs. On the first christmas day at 11:24 am, my sister and I got on the Thalys Express in Essen. These days you "only" need 4:30 hours to get to Paris. Since I haven't to pay for a hotel room and the tickets were a christmaspresent from my dad, i had more money leftover shopping. *muhahaha*

My first impressions:

  • it smells extremely like piss in the metro stations....
  • the architecture is more than lovely
  • the cliché that french people don't speak english is a lie, except one unfriendly cashier everyone's english was fine
  • the center of Paris is actually really really small, we walked from the Galeries Lafayette to the Louvre , then to the Champs Élysées all by feet

We spend the first half of the day in Galeries Lafayette, which is not really interesting unless you're looking for 2000 Euro Louis Vuitton handbags...
For some reason most of the buyers consists of rich chinese people, even most of the employees were chinese. At least I got me a matte red lipstick and a present for a friend from the l'Occitane counter.
During christmas time, a huge golden christmas tree is hanging upside down in Galeries Lafayette. I think it's pretty impressive.
Aaaand try out Chipotle when you're in a city with a branch, it's sooo good. (my vegan burrito bowl for lunch)

Monday, December 8, 2014


DE: insgesamt würde ich von mir behaupten dass ich ein zufriedener mensch bin. ich lebe, hungere nicht, kann mir sachen kaufen und leisten die ich haben möchte, mache so gut wie immer das was mir auch spaß macht und treffe meine eigenen entscheidungen. es gibt auch für mich mal tage da möchte ich einfach keinem begegnen, denn WENN ich mal schlechte laune habe dann ist es zu 99% wegen anderen menschen, selbst wenn es nicht direkt um mich geht.
wenn ich mich genug über die deutsche justiz (im fall tugce, ihr wisst schon wovon ich rede), über rassistische kommentare mancher politiker und über eine welle von mich-nicht-interessierenden-kim-kardashian-artikeln die über meine facebook startseite schwappt aufgeregt habe, schmeiß ich mich in einen sweater, chill mich ohne hose auf die couch und schau mir nochmal game of thrones von vorne an. bleibt mir dann bloß vom leib. #antisocial
EN: I would say I'm a very content person. I live, I have food, I can buy me things I want to have and I make my own decisions. also there are days I don't want to confront any people. WHEN I'm in a bad mood, it's 99% because of other people, even when it doesn't concern me in a direct way.
when I'm done with being upset about the german courts (just google news about tugce), about racist comments by some well-known politicians and a wave of doesn't-intrest-me-at-all-kim-kardashian-articles which take over my facebook, I just throw on a sweater, chill on the couch without pants on and watch game of thrones again. just stay away from me. #antisocial

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

outfit of the day #13 - hell cat

DE: Dienstagabend ist eigentlich echt eine ungewöhnliche Zeit für mich ein Outfit zu posten. Aber da ich meine Schwester mit mal wieder "Mach bitte ein Foto on mir" genervt habe sollen ihre Mühen nicht umsonst gewesen sein (danke bist die beste #herz).
Heute morgen auf dem Weg zur Uni waren es zum ersten Mal 0 Grad draußen. Als Konsequenz erstmal in meinen Teddymantel geschmissen und ein wenig Arctic Monkeys auf dem Weg gehört um warm zu werden. Haare wollten heute auch nicht, weswegen ich meine Mama um ein Halstuch angeschnorrt habe. Sie so: "Okay!" und drückt mir gleich 20 Stück in die Hand. (Omg sie besitzt so 100 davon ohne zu übertreiben). Danke Mama aber auf mein Kopf passt leider nur eins...

EN: Tuesday evening isn't a usual time for me to post an outfit, but I got on my sister's nerves today with "Please take a photo of me", so her effort won't be for nothing (thanks you're the best #heart).
It was like 0°C outside when I was on my way to university this morning. As a consequence I throw on my teddy coat and started to listen to Arctic Monkeys to get a bit warmer. My hair was like "Naaah not today", so I decided to borrow me a scarf from my mum. She said "Okay!" and gave me 20. (Omg she has like 100 of them without exaggerating). Thanks mum but only one fits on my head, so...