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Monday, June 29, 2015


all items: New Yorker

Another week passed without blogging regularly. I feel sorry but it's this summers exam-season already (*cry*)  and I need to learn a lot for my tests. That's probably the typical-asian-part of me haha.
After another day full of applied microeconomics, I've finally found some time for shopping. I was allowed to choose an outfit from the local New Yorker Store as a fashion blogger. Since I was looking for long dungarees for a pretty long time, I have finally found a pair that are skinny enough for my chicken-legs. And the shirt was a must-have for my current university-situation. For real. I literally run on caffeine right now.
When I went to the cashier, her first statement was: "Wow, such a colorful selection." Well... I'm that kind of person who wears black even when it's like 39823 degrees outside, so... I just stay true to myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

outfit of the day - jailhouse rock

EN: I feel so sorry for not blogging so much lately, but unfortunately I'm not a fulltime-blogger so I have many other things to do, for example learning for my upcoming test in applied micro economics. I try to be calm but to be honest I'm pretty nervous.
For some reason I was stylist for everyone this Saturday. I made my best friend's hair, my sister's hair and another friend's make up. Yesterday was this year's prom of my old school, but I didn't go because I couldn't stand most of the people from my old school ugh. However, I think I did a pretty good job, and Laura looks beautiful with this kind of 50s rockabilly-hair. To complete the vibes of our little self-made shooting in my home studio, we listened to Elvis Presley the entire time (as seen on snapchat for those who follows me there).
Sometimes just grab your best friend and test new things out. Try it. It's fun. And I think we had some pretty badass results. I feel like a part of a vintage coca-cola-commercial.

DE: Ich entschuldige mich für meine Abstinenz die letzten Wochen, aber leider bin ich keine Fulltime-Bloggerin, und habe von daher viel Zeug nebenbei noch zu tun. Wie z.B. lernen für meine Klausur in Mikroökonomie die bald ansteht. Ich versuche ruhig zu bleiben aber innerlich bin ich ziemlich nervös.
Aus irgendeinem Grund war ich diesen Samstag Stylist für jeden. Ich habe die Haare meiner besten Freundin, die Haare meiner Schwester und das Make Up einer anderen Freundin gemacht. Der Abiball meiner alten Schule stand an, aber ich bin nicht hingegangen weil ich die meisten Menschen aus meiner alten Schule nicht ausstehen konnte. Nichtsdestotrotz hab ich was die Haare angeht einen ziemlich guten Job gemacht, und Laura standen die 50er Rockabilly-Haare einfach extrem gut. Um die Vibes unseres kleinen Selfmade-Shootings zu komplettieren haben wir den ganzen Tag Elvis Presley gehört (Wie man auf Snapchat unschwer erkennen konnte falls ihr mir da folgt).
Manchmal muss man einfach seine beste Freundin nehmen und was neues testen. Probiert es aus. Es macht Spaß. Und ich glaube bei uns sind ziemlich geile Ergebnisse rausgekommen. Ich fühle mich als wäre ich Part einer Vintage Coca-Cola-Reklame.