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Thursday, July 2, 2015

outfit of the day - no grey

jacket: STYLEMOI // jeans: STYLEMOI // shoes: QUANTICLO

I actually didn't leave the house today. Even just breathing is exhausting because it is way too hot outside. I feel like the weather skipped spring and went straight to summer. I miss the times when it's solid 20°C outside. But hey, I have iced coffee and vegan vanilla ice cream at home. My survival kid is complete. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


all items: New Yorker

Another week passed without blogging regularly. I feel sorry but it's this summers exam-season already (*cry*)  and I need to learn a lot for my tests. That's probably the typical-asian-part of me haha.
After another day full of applied microeconomics, I've finally found some time for shopping. I was allowed to choose an outfit from the local New Yorker Store as a fashion blogger. Since I was looking for long dungarees for a pretty long time, I have finally found a pair that are skinny enough for my chicken-legs. And the shirt was a must-have for my current university-situation. For real. I literally run on caffeine right now.
When I went to the cashier, her first statement was: "Wow, such a colorful selection." Well... I'm that kind of person who wears black even when it's like 39823 degrees outside, so... I just stay true to myself.