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Saturday, March 28, 2015

new in - happiness boutique

EN: Most of the time I have difficulties to find good jewelry for myself. Especially earrings, because most of the times I wear my hair loose, so my lobes are covered. Big statement jewelry is the perfect choice for me. I honestly wish I had discovered Happiness Boutique before I had my prom. I'm pretty sure I would totally rock those with a simple dress.
Since it's prom season soon, feel free check out their online shop Happiness Boutique. Maybe you will find something you like.

DE: Meistens habe ich Schwierigkeiten guten Schmuck zu finden. Besonders Ohrringe, weil ich meine Haare meistens offen trage und meine Ohren damit verdeckt sind. Großer Statementschmuck ist hierbei die richtige Wahl für mich. Ich wünschte ehrlich ich hätte Happiness Boutique vor meinem Abiball entdeckt. Ich bin sicher ich hätte den Schmuck zu einem simplen Kleid gerockt. 
Da bald wieder die Abibälle abstehen, schaut mal in ihren Online-Shop Happiness Boutique. Vielleicht findet ihr was was euch gefällt.


  1. Do those earrings cover up stretches lobes? Because I remember you had some and took them out like me. I always have struggles to find good earrings after that :(

    1. Yes it works pretty well with stretched lobes. :)

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