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Thursday, January 22, 2015

kicki on tour - paris #2

My new year started with a flu, so this post took longer than expected. *sorry for thaaat*
So when you're in Paris for the first time, la Musée du Louvre should definitely be on your to-visit-list. The went there the 26th Dec. What we didn't know at that time: On this day entering the Louvre is free for everyone! So it was extremely full. My cousin, who was here already a couple of times said he has never seen so many people in there.
If you're an under-18-year-old european citizen, OR someone with an european student-ID like me, entering the Louvre is free all the time. Just show your ID in the entrance.

This is the well-known glass pyramid from the outside....
...and from the inside.
Since you guys asked which are "the most important" pieces of the Louvre (because it's impossible to see everything in one day):

..and of course MONA LISA. My art teacher told me once that it doesn't matter from which angle you look at her, da Vinci painted her in a technique that makes her always staring at you. Aaand it's true and gave me nightmares. 
Exists since 1503 and still have that amount of paparazzi. Take that *insert random celebrity in here*.
This boy was sitting on the floor and drawing something. Keep going little bro :)

After that we still had some time, so we went on the parisian christmas market, which ends at the Place de la Concorde, where the Avenue des Champs-Élysées begins. The christmas market was pretty similar those we have in Germany, so I didn't bought anything except a glass of "vine chaud" which is "Glühwein" in Germany and some french fries.
Some seasons like the christmas season, one has the chance to go on the Grande Roue on the Place de la Concorde, which I highly recommend to everyone! But we didn't went on it that day.

They sold crepes like everywhere. I always though this is a french clichée haha.
The standard food on the christmas market were "gaufres", which is french for "waffle" I guess (?),  "croustillons", which reminds me of "Quarkbällchen" or "Berliner" we have here in Germany and "chichis", which I know as "churros". But I think chichi sounds more kawaii. I'm going to call them chichis from now on.
I think those candies always look sooo delicious but taste like pastic with sugar :(

My cousin's waffle with chocolate, banana and whipped cream.
Christmas time is so beautiful with all the lights on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
We didn't went ON the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, but it looks pretty impressive from down here, too.


  1. did you eat those chichis? Because I'm pretty sure they're not vegan...

  2. oh mein Gott ich will auch mal nach Paris, das sieht sooo schön aus da *-*

  3. Hope you enjoyed my city, yeah I am living in Paris!!!
    I want to visit Germany, especially Berlin because I only visited Bochum where my family lives haha.