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Sunday, May 12, 2013

in the kitchen with kicki - lemon muffins

this is a super spontaneous and quick recipe for all those who wants to bake yummi muffins or a cake for their mom, and it's completely vegan! if you don't have lemons or lemon juice at home, you can also use orange juice.
don't forget to say "thank you mommi", not only on mother's day! be grateful and full of love.

I added some spinkles and wrote something on it with colored tube icing.


  1. yummi! I'm going to try them!
    and the bear is sooo sweet

  2. hey, i love your blog! like for real its super cool and all your pictures are amazing! i was just wondering how do you edit your photoes or where? photoshop or some other place.. because that font is super cool! :--)

  3. Hey, ich hab dich für den “Versatile Blogger Award” nominiert :) Ich hab deinen Blog verlinkt, wenn du willst kannst du es dir hier ankucken: Spark&Bark - Versatile Blogger Award
    Wenn du kein Spielverderber sein möchtest, kannst du ihn ja weiter reichen, ansonsten fühl dich einfach geehrt ;D

    PS: Die Bilderserie is total hübsch gemacht :)

  4. Seem yummy!
    This is such a great blog! Really unique!
    I'm glad I've got here through Malin's link :)