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Friday, April 10, 2015

outfit of the day - coachella vibes

I see posts about Coachella on a daily basis from my favorite bloggers like Masha Sedgwick, and it makes me want to pack my bags and fly to Los Angeles. ASAP. Too bad I have university next week, and not enough money. At least the weather here in my hometown was nice today, so I tried to bring some festival feeling over here with my outfit.
It was finally warm enough to wear something else than a jacket, like this new kimono I got from STYLE MOI. I took a 12km walk, had some ice cream, good music (via headphones) and vitamin D. Yep, almost Coachella.
What's your favorite way spend a sunny day? xx


  1. Ich will auch zum coachella!!!! Dein look ist genial, da hat man ein richtiges Sommer Feeling!

    Mango ├╝brigens auch richtig schicke coachella Sachen! ;)

  2. On point! <3

  3. gibts was peinlicheres als den coachella?^^